Damian Sturm, is a Munich-based art director with over 7 years of experience in fields of communication. He studied media design at the DHBW Ravensburg and worked with agencies and projects in Ravensburg, Munich, Berlin, Australia. His projects are based on solid concepts, derived from outstanding ideas and the dedication to detail. He loves to speak in strong visual language; his projects always manifest extraordinary pictorial character.

He won different design and advertising prizes, both in young talent and professional fields. Including a Red Dot Concept Design Award, an IF Concept Design Award, a LIA Award and a Bronze Nail at the Junior Award of the German Art Directors Club.



APR  09 – JUL  10                     Praktikum, websedit AG, Ravensburg
OKT  10 – OKT  13                 Student, DHBW Ravensburg, Bachelor of Arts, Mediendesign
OKT  10 – FEB  12                     Festanstellung, studienbegleitend, websedit AG

MAR  12 – OKT  13                 Festanstellung, studienbegleitend, Navarra, Berlin
JAN  14 – JUL  14                         Freelancing, Auslandsaufenthalt Australien / Neuseeland

DEZ  14 – FEB  16                     Junior Art Director, Serviceplan Campaign 1, München
FEB  16 – AUG  16                   Art Director, Serviceplan Campaign 1, München
SEP  16 – TODAY                   Art Director, BDA Creative, München


Young Talent Awards:

• IF Concept Design Award 2014
• Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014.
Best of the Best.
• ADC Nachwuchswettbewerb 2014:
Bronzener Nagel.
• Zukunftspreis Kommunikation 2014.
• DDC Gute Gestaltung 15: Gold.
Kategorie Zukunft.

Professional Awards:

• Annual Multimedia 2017: Tool. Gold
• Annual Multimedia 2017: Digitale Sonderformate. Gold
• One Show 2016: 2xBronze
• DDP 2016:
Innovative digitale Anwendungen: Gold
• DDP 2016: Medien. Silber
• LIA Award 2015: Branded Entertainment.
Experiential/Live Events. Bronze.
• Epica Awards 2015: Mobile Sites. Silver.
• Annual Multimedia Award 2016:
Event/Game. Silber.
• AME Awards 2016: Promotions. Gold
• AME Awards 2016: Media Promotion – Bronze
• Red Dot Award 2016